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    Using This Forum

    Post by Grossom on Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:26 pm

    Welcome to the Kronos Alliance Forum.

    Usage of this board depends on who you are/what you want to do with it:

    • Guest:  If you are simply a guest, you can read a few forums in "The Square".  No need to sign in.
    • External:  If you are not a member of Kronos, but wish to talk to us, register for a account.  You will be able to post to some forums in "The Square".
    • Kronos Reader:  If you are a member of Kronos, there is an anonymous account for each of the member guilds.  Talk to your officers/check your guild hall/Kong forum to find the name and password of that account.  With this account, you can log in and read all the private sections of this forum.  You can actually post with this account, but please do this only for short, infrequent snippets and do add your in-game name to avoid confusion.
    • Kronos Poster:  If you do any regular posting, we enourage you to get your own account.  Register on the forum with your in-game name.  name_guild is also acceptable.  Log in and use the Usergroups link near the top to apply for membership in your guild's usergroup.  This needs to be approved by your guild's administrator, please contact the appropriate officer if there is no reaction.  Once you are added to a guild, you can read and write in the private forums.  Note that the forums under "The Quarters" can only be posted to by members of the particular guild in question, but are readable by any Kronos member.  Also, moderators (of all guilds) have full access.
    • Kronos Officer:  If you want to help administer the forum, contact Grossom, who can add you to the Moderator group.  Moderators can moderate anywhere on site.  We need a minimum of one moderator per guild to handle accepting new guild users into the site.  Moderators cannot see IP addresses.

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